About Me

I’ve spent over 14 years working as a mechanical engineer. In that time I’ve worked on projects ranging from the Space Shuttle Main Engines (you remember the Space Shuttle, right kids?), a maglev haptic device (that’s a fancy way of saying a really expensive force feedback joystick), a warehouse robotic system for the wine and spirits industry (robots usually drink less of the inventory than their human counterparts), to sewer inspection robots (yes, it is as gross as it sounds). While I continue to love designing and building new gadgets, I have often found my imagination outreaches the limits of current technology, and sometimes even the laws of physics.

To deal with my imagination overload, I’ve turned to writing fiction. While my professional career to date has been focused on the more practical field of engineering, I’ve been in love with creating stories since I was a small child. From playing God with my Legos, micro-machines, and G.I. Joes, to taking every opportunity to go overboard with school projects, I have long been practicing the art of putting imaginary characters through the wringer. Only recently have I decided to start sharing my crazy stories with the world at large.

For those of you worried that my stories might reflect on my engineering competence, I promise that my engineering projects don’t malfunction or have apocalyptic repercussions nearly as often as the gadgets in my stories.